About Us

Instructor Toolbox was founded to fulfill an obvious need in the fitness industry and to fill the gap between certification and teaching. Getting the official green light from a certification is a necessity, but who teaches you the real deal? Who teaches you how to teach? Teaching a seamless group exercise class seems so simplistic from the front row of a packed class, where everyone is a self-proclaimed expert and an ruthless critic. But the first time you attempt to teach on your own, you instantly recognize the challenge. It takes much more than you ever realized to stand on your own two feet in front of the group and deliver a quality product.

The art of cueing, multitasking, musicality, and smooth transitions aren’t inherent when you begin teaching. These are skills you never considered when you were a student, but of course you appreciated when they were flawless. And these are skills that need to be mastered in order to continually thrive in the world of group exercise. Instructor Toolbox breaks down the mystery and gives you an easy-to-follow formula to deliver in the studio.

Decades ago, independent health clubs mentored from within. Experienced instructors took the time and effort to build up and shape beginning instructors. After all, how do you learn if there is no one with experience to teach you and guide you? Today’s fitness industry looks much different. It contains an excess of fitness studios and health clubs, and an excess of certified “professionals.” There is a hustle and bustle among large club chains to hire experienced instructors…yet without being hired, how do you gain experience? Let Instructor Toolbox be your mentor. We will help you build the practical skills necessary to pass an audition and begin your teaching career.

Whether you are a brand new instructor, an instructor looking to take your class to the next level or an experienced personal trainer looking to cross over into the group exercise studio, Instructor Toolbox can help. Let our trainings channel the knowledge you have already built into a dynamic group exercise class. We are committed to building character and confidence through practical skills training. The result? Instructors can reach their full potential and achieve levels of success never thought possible.