Who Was Your Role Model?

Think back to that one instructor who either knowingly or unknowingly changed your life.  You know the one…the one who challenged you in and out of class, became your mentor and inspired you to teach group exercise classes so you could become “that instructor” to one of your students someday.  Every single one of us was touched by a special instructor during our time in the front row, before we transitioned to the front of the classroom.  So what was so special about your role model?  What did they bring into the studio that moved you?  What characteristics did they emulate week after week so that you kept coming back for more?

When I think back to my role model, she was professional, caring, creative, and passionate.  She moved me each week with her motivation and encouragement.  She made it all about the FUN, but the results that followed were nothing less than serious.  I know I never stood out in the crowd, but she always made me feel special and acknowledged each time I walked into her class.  She called me by name, she remembered if I missed a class (or two or three!), she could always tell if I was having a bad day.  In other words…it went beyond the choreography.  Although her step routines were new and different every week, with unprecedented creativity…it wasn’t just about the bones of the class.

So think of your role model when you teach class this week.  Can you emulate some of that positive energy to your students?  Think about what will happen when one of your students will pay you the highest compliment possible and became an instructor?  They might not stand out in the crowd, but I’ll bet you make them feel extraordinary!