“Fake It ‘til You Make It”

In other words, act as if you know what you are doing and eventually you will…and success will follow.  It’s a quote credited to many individuals…among them Gayle Forman and Steven Tyler, but the premise holds true as it relates to instructing.  From years of auditioning potential instructors in health clubs, I can tell you that confidence, command of the room, and presence are three key attributes I always looked for.  So what happens when you don’t have the experience to have this confidence?  Fake it ‘til you make it!

Think of all you can do that will build confidence and allow you to take the reins.  Things like doing your homework to prepare for the audition/class.  After the actual certification, we’d like to think we’re set to stand center stage and be a phenomenal instructor.  But great instructors realize it takes time to build skills.  You weren’t a marathoner the first time you decided to take a jog, so what makes us think we can be a super star the first class out of the gate when it comes to instructing?  Building practical skills takes time (that’s where Instructor Toolbox comes in!), and recognizing that every class will get better and better as you get more proficient is key.

So you learn to fake it ‘til you make it, but how can this go wrong?  By relying on faking it – forever.  Allow this concept to buy you some time to make it, but don’t forget the goal is to sincerely make it.  To build a solid foundation, concrete knowledge, and amazing skills that will allow you to continuously take it to the next level with your instructing.  One of the most dangerous situations I saw during years of auditioning were the amazingly articulate and confident instructors who gave the wrong information.  Because I knew our members would believe anything they said based on their poise and self-assurance, but also knew what they were saying was blatantly wrong and sometimes risky advice.

Find the balance to fake it ‘til you make it to catapult yourself to the next level and success will follow!